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Are you a Realtor or buying a Home?
You know there has been a lot of media hype surrounding Mold. These day's prospective buyers want a home that has been mold inspected. Here are some good reasons why you should not buy a home with Mold, sell a home with Mold or live in a home with Mold.

A Mold Inspection Is Your First Line of Defense!

Xpert Environmental Services

Environmental issues arise routinely in all types of real estate transactions, from the sale of individual residences to the transfer of large commercial and industrial facilities. Managing these risks is almost always possible. The bigger challenges tend to be spotting environmental issues. Failure to identify and address such issues may result in parties unknowingly assuming substantial liabilities. Suddenly we see schools shutting down, and our neighbors being forced out of their homes and their businesses, sometimes for months on end, many of them never able to return at all. Realtors, Property managers Home owners and Insurance companies are running scared in the wake of multi-million dollar lawsuits and thousands of mold related claims. Doctors and government agencies are at odds over health concerns and the effects of toxic mold, long and short term. And in the middle of these catastrophes, time and time again, is toxic mold. It's got names like Stachybotrys, Penicillium, Aspergillus, Cladosporium. Names that many of us can't even pronounce, much less identify in our surroundings. The mold spores and mycotoxins sprayed into the air by these molds attempting to survive, are so small that they can't be seen with the naked eye, and hundreds of thousands of them can fit onto a single postage stamp. So what to do next?

Mold contamination is a subject of increasing concern. Mold contamination generally arises in buildings that have been poorly constructed or lack adequate ventilation. Different types of mold may breed in the air circulation systems and walls of a structure. Common causes of mold growth are moisture leaks or intrusions of any type in your home or business. Anything producing moist conditions in a dark area will promote mold growth.

Eliminate these areas. Fix the problems immediately. You can not eliminate mold until the conditions promoting it's growth are gone. While the presence of moisture and mold can result in significant physical damage to the structure, several types of mold are also toxic and can cause a variety of medical conditions. Several high-profile lawsuits have recently succeeded in securing substantial personal injury judgments as a result of exposure to toxic molds. In fact, several mold cases are presently being pursued here in Florida. The insurance industry has been paying particular attention to mold in recent years because of its potential to generate substantial claims related to both property damage and personal injury.

The possible presence of mold is certain to become an increasingly important issue for anyone who owns residential, commercial or industrial buildings not only because property damage could be excessive, but also because residential tenants and employees working in commercial and industrial establishments could, inadvertently, be exposed to toxic molds.

 Landlords and employers should take care to evaluate these issues. Moreover, anyone owning properties should carefully consider to what extent old and new insurance coverage may be available to offset such liabilities.

Numerous tools exist for managing all of the environmental problems discussed above. However, before any of these problems can be managed, they must be identified. Frequently, environmental consultants are best suited for that task. Basic environmental assessments have become a standard component of most real estate transactions. Ultimately, the key to addressing these issues is obtaining reliable information about the property, understanding the implications of that information and managing the issues correctly and efficiently.

The most important thing is that you don't disregard it all as hype.
As much as we wish it away, it's here, it's for real and it can be devastating.

If mold is found in my home will that prevent the sale?
NO! Real estate deals DO NOT need to be broken! If the home you are selling or thinking of purchasing has mold do not panic! You can remove unusual mold levels from the home, and bring it back to the original condition. More often than not if a problem or situation is discovered in a timely manner, it can be dealt with, and eliminated quickly, and effectively, without expensive remediation. Mold problems rarely ever get better on their own they usually only get worse. Once the problem is discovered, and diagnosed, we will walk you through step by step to the cure.

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