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Home Forclosure.........The Hidden Danger.........!

Beware of Hidden Mold Lurking in Foreclosed Homes..! 

All foreclosed homes that are vacant are at risk for mold..!

Buying a foreclosed home in today's market?
Imagine this…..you just purchased and moved into a home that was in foreclosure.
Within days of living there, you start to have breathing problems, skin rashes, memory loss,
abdominal pain or fatigue (just to name a few). Why would a foreclosed home or condo be
more likely to have mold? It is not uncommon for foreclosed homes to sit vacant for months
or even years. Throughout this time, these homes may not have any climate control and
virtually NO maintenance. Consequently, without the proper climate controls moisture
intrusion from high relative humidity and chronic minor water leaks that are neglected
can cause serious mold growth and contamination. Many times the mold contamination
can go unnoticed until someone moves in. Not the time you want to uncover a problem.
Even some of the most luxurious homes and condominiums in town have been affected.
This often happens because owners who are going through short sales or foreclosures
discontinue all maintenance. They end up cutting off their AC, sealing up the house and
never looking back. These enclosed spaces have now become mold incubators where you
have high temperature, stagnant air, and high humidity. It's the perfect environment for
mold to grow.With foreclosures in the real estate market at an all time high, purchasing a
foreclosure home can be a great way for a home buyer to save thousands to tens of
thousands off the purchase price of comparable homes. Unfortunately foreclosed homes
can come with some hidden issues that can make what was thought a great deal, becomes
a financial nightmare and money pit! Because of recent skyrocketing short sales and
foreclosures in the South Florida real estate market, many homes and condominiums
now have mold growing inside. If you're involved in the sale of a foreclosed home or condo,
or going through a short sale, you might want to recommend a mold inspector first. Knowing
as much as you can about the home is very important. Home inspections are a critical part
of any home buying process and should never be dismissed. Even more important in the
purchase of a foreclosure home are mold inspections and testing.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Make sure you hire a qualified and competent Mold Inspector. Labeling a home as having a
mold problem has become much more serious in today's Real Estate market. Your "inspector"
should also be able to interpret the lab analysis, NOT the lab. According to the EPA "Sampling
for mold should be conducted by professionals who have specific experience in designing
mold sampling protocols, sampling methods, and interpreting the results." Professional mold
inspectors should have Liability and mold Errors & Omissions Insurance. Professional mold
inspectors will identify the source and extent of the mold problem before they recommend
ANY type of remediation. Professional mold inspectors will interpret the results of their mold
samples / testing. Professional mold inspectors should know how to write recommendations
based on nationally accepted industry standards.